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The Road user charge is a payment for the use of the main state and regional roads of Latvia, in order to facilitate their maintenance and development, as well as to promote the use of vehicles more friendly to the environment.

The charge is paid for the use of sections of the main state and regional roads (except for crossing them, including on roundabouts) by vehicles whose gross weight exceeds 3000 kilograms and by vehicles combinations thereof, the gross weight of which exceeds 3500 kilograms.

Commercial transport that does not exceed gross weight of 3500 kg in law’s conception does not make a combinations, therefore towing a trailer or another vehicle does not affect the rate of Road user charge.

The road user charge is regulated by Law On Road User Charge and the 26.05.2014. Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.272 „Procedure of paying, collection and administration of the road user charge”.

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