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General information

Road safety audit covers projects (construction designs) on the country's main, regional and local roads, as well as on the main and local streets of cities and settlements. The audit must also be performed for other construction designs related to road traffic. The audit procedure must also be performed for existing roads.

The criteria for ordering an audit are specified in Part II of Cabinet Regulation No. 972 of 25 November 2008 " Road Safety Audit Regulations ". 

The recommendations of the road safety audit report must be respected as much as possible, as it is a matter of the life and health of road users. The final decision on compliance with the road safety audit recommendations is made by the audit contractor.

Road audits are performed by institutions authorized by the Cabinet of Ministers - CSDD, an audit group (usually two people) is established. The group includes experts with knowledge and experience in road design, construction, maintenance, state-level traffic safety work, traffic accident analysis.

In order for a road safety audit to be carried out by the CSDD, designers or road (street) managers must enter into a contract with the CSDD on the performance of the audit. As a result of audit contracting authority receives an audit report signed by the auditor.

CSDD is not responsible for potholes on roads, road signs and markings. This is the responsibility of the road manager:

  • in the state road network - VSIA "Latvijas Valsts ceļi";
  • in the municipal road network and populated areas - city and county councils, parish administrations;
  • In Riga - Riga City Council Traffic Department;

Additional details about road safety audit can be obtained:

  • By e-mail: Road Safety Audit Department of the CSDD
  • by calling the Road Safety Audit Department of the CSDD telephones: 67025814 or 67025816;
  • by sending a letter to the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD), address: Eizenšteina Street 6, Riga, Latvia, LV - 1079 or to e-mail: .