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Handling end-of-end vehicles

Under the End-of Life Vehicles Management Law, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that any end-of-life vehicle owned by it is transferred to the processing company.  If the vehicle has been  transferred to a processing company in Latvia, the company removes it from the online register of vehicles and their drivers in the state register after the vehicle has been accepted, and the person whose vehicle has been handed over for processing is issued with a certificate of destruction

If a end-of-life vehicle has been put into liquidation abroad, the vehicle is written off by addressing the owner in any of the 26 CSDD customer service centres and submitting a certificate of destruction issued by the foreign processing company.

More information about this activity can be found here: Vehicle write-off (cars, trucks up to 3,500 kg, tricycles or quads)

If a vehicle registered abroad is transferred to a Latvian processing company after the vehicle has been accepted for processing, a certificate of liquidation is issued to the person who has handed over the vehicle for processing. With this document person may apply to the national vehicle register for the vehicle to be written off.

A lorry with a mass of over 3500 kg, a bus, a trailer, a semi-trailer, a motorcycle or a moped can be removed from register for write-off in e-CSDD or at any CSDD customer service centre. More information about this activity can be found here: Writing-off a vehicle (lorry over 3 500 kg, buses, trailers, semi-trailers, motorcycles or mopeds)