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Extension of the period of validity of driving licences for the transport of dangerous goods

Given the proliferation of COVID-19 and the associated limitations in the areas of training and testing, the UN has  proposed a new international agreement with which ADR certificates and dangerous goods advisers' certificates expire from 01.03.2020. until 01.09.2021, are valid until September 30, 2021. Latvia joined this agreement on March 9.

In Latvia, the training of ADR drivers was discontinued from 16.03.2020. until June 2020, when the state of emergency was lifted. All summer, as well as in the fall, until November of 2020. Until the re-declaration of the state of emergency and the ban on face-to-face training, active ADR training and examinations took place until November, allowing both new and existing drivers to obtain ADR certificates. However, since November 2020, ADR training has been discontinued until recently.

There are three driving schools for the training of ADR drivers, there are separate certified instructors for this type of training. In consultation with driving schools, the training of ADR drivers has been renewed, providing the practical part and consultations individually. tests are accepted by computer at CSDD, the tests have not been suspended.