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Par CSDD pakalpojumu saņemšanu ārkārtējā situācijā: ŠEIT

Deregistration of a watercraft for alienation in or export from Latvia

Documents to be submitted to CSDD for the deregistration of a small-size watercraft:

  • registration certificate of the small-size watercraft;
  • identification document of the applicant (passport, driving licence issued in Latvia or driving learning permit issued in Latvia). For the deregistration, only owner or his/her authorised person can apply;
  • document proving payment for the deregistration of the small-size watercraft (Ls 2,12 / euro 3,02).

Nota bene!

When the small-size watercraft is deregistered for alienation in or export from Latvia respective note is made in the inner spread of the registration certificate. Such a watercraft can be used in traffic for 30 days.