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Pakalpojuma saņemšanas kārtība saistībā ar valstī noteiktajiem ierobežojumiem: ŠEIT 

Acquiring transit number plates

Documents to be submitted to CSDD for acquiring transit number plates:

  • note concerning the verification of the numbered components of the vehicle. This document is issued by the employee of CSDD when the vehicle is presented to the branch office of CSDD (euro 3.65) or to the said employee at the location of the vehicle. In the latter case a person needs to contact the branch office of CSDD covering particular location in order to set the date and receive information about the price of this service (in Riga call 67025769);
  • registration certificate of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not registered in Latvia, copy (presenting original) of the document attesting technical data of the vehicle (for the vehicle previously registered abroad – registration certificate issued abroad; for the vehicle previously not registered – the document issued by the manufacturer or its authorised representative);
  • document proving the change of the ownership (e.g. invoice-notice, purchase contract made at the notary or abroad etc.), if the registration certificate of the vehicle or document attesting the technical data contains indication of the previous owner;
  • identification document of the applicant (passport, driving licence issued in Latvia or driving learning permit issued in Latvia). For the registration, only owner or his/her authorised person can apply;
  • document proving payment of vehicle use tax for the previous period (if paid at CSDD commission in amount of euro 1.20 applies). This tax is not due, if there is information in the register that it has been already paid, or it is not applicable in accordance with applicable law;
  • document proving payment for the deregistration of the vehicle (euro 3.02), if the vehicle is registered in Latvia and is not deregistered;
  • document proving payment for transit number plates and transit number card (for automobiles and busses – euro 35.91; for trailers, motorcycles, mopeds – euro 28.36).

Nota bene!

Transit number plates are valid 5 days in Latvia, and 30 days abroad. Validity can be extended for 5 days. In this case the vehicle may be not presented for the verification of numbered components. When the vehicle is not exported within this period new transit plates are not assigned.